Tate & Lyle Corporate Parking Lot

Decatur, Illinois


The existing lot to be replaced was in excess of 20 years old and in disrepair. A portion of the lot with newer pavement by Dunn Company needed refinishing. The facility is open 7 days per week; 24-hours per day, so the majority of the lot had to remain open for employees due to parking needs. The entire lot had to remain open on weekdays.


The half-lane rotomill removed existing asphalt at variable depths to provide a smooth base for the paving surface of 2-inch hot mix asphalt. The work was divided into 5 phases to allow for employee parking and work was performed on weekends to maintain parking for employees during week. Milling was done on Saturdays and paving was done on Sundays. The area to be worked on that weekend was closed Friday evenings during shift change.

Construction Phasing

  1. Mill 1 to 2-inch variable depth milling on West Lot and Circle Drive. Install 2-inch compacted hot-mix asphalt.
  2. Same as phase 1 on northwest portion of lot.
  3. Same as phase 1 on north portion of lot.
  4. Same as phase 1 on northeast portion of lot.
  5. Sealcoat existing pavement with a 1-coat squeegee and 1-coat spray of coal tar sealant.


  • Lot opened during weekdays.
  • Minimal disruption to employee parking during weekends.
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