Dunn Company provides an expansive fleet of rotomilling equipment along with skilled operators to suit your rotomilling needs. Rotomilling is the process of removing an existing pavement to a specified depth by using a rotary drum with carbide teeth. All our rotomills are equipped with electronic depth and grade control to ensure that the proper amount of pavement is removed and can be replaced with no issues.

Dunn Company’s Rotomilling Fleet:

  • Full Lane Machines
    • Capable of 12’, 12’6’’, 13’6’’, or 14’1’’ widths
    • Standard milling drum (15mm tooth spacing) or fine milling drum (8mm tooth spacing) at 12’6’’ width
  • Half Lane Machines
    • Capable of 7’ widths
  • Utility Machines
    • Capable of 18’’, 2’, 3’, 4’ widths

These milling machines can be used to perform various depths of hot mix asphalt removal, bridge deck scarification, earth excavation and widening, or pavement surface correction.

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