Central A&M High School Running Track

Moweaqua, Illinois


The current track at the high school was a 6-lane, 440-yard cinder track that needed to be converted into an 8-lane, 400-meter asphalt track with run outs. A drainage ditch on the west side hindered expansion. This resulted in a new layout design for the track so it would meet IHSA standards. The project needed to be completed between the end of school in the spring and the start of school in the fall. Work schedules were coordinated with the Friends of the Track organization, a volunteer group that donated a portion of the labor, materials and funds to complete the track.


Dunn used the half-lane mill using dual slope laser grade controls to cut the track layout which resulted in precise width length and slope to meet IHSA standards. It also increased production and precision.

Construction Phasing

  1. Remove existing cinder track with half-lane rotomill.
  2. Friends of the Track complete sub-grade work.
  3. Dunn Company installs aggregate base.
  4. Dunn Company installs 1 ½” compacted hot mix asphalt.
  5. Contractor installs rubber surface with lane markings.


  • Work completed within requested time frame.
  • Project was completed with the budget constraints with the help of the Friends of the Track, which donated volunteers and equipment to complete preliminary work, saving the school money.
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