St. Mary’s Hospital Parking Lot

Decatur, Illinois


Dunn Company served as the General Contractor for this large project. The project called for increased employee and customer parking capacity by adding a new lot to prepare for expansion of the hospital building. The project started in October and needed to be completed by December 1st. It also required the coordination of five subcontractors to provide proper phasing of work to meet completion date and minimize the time the parking lot on the south side of the hospital needed to be closed. Additional work called for installation of new storm sewer drains and retention pond on south side of hospital to allow for increase drainage on the additional lot.


Pre-project planning and coordinating work between various subcontractors was essential to keep the tight schedule and meet the completion deadline of December 1st. Subcontractors included Christy-Foltz, Rainey Landscaping, Bodine Electric, C&J Excavating, Keeping-it Green, GRS Contracting and Burns Plumbing. The new parking lot was created with a new drainage and retention pond and new curbs and gutters with islands throughout the parking lot.

Construction Phasing

The project was divided into 3 phases, with these same steps taking place in each phase:

Demolition, excavation and grading (C&J Excavating) Install underground utilities (GRS Contracting on Storm Sewer) Bodine Electric on underground electrical Install curb and gutter (Christy-Foltz) Install irrigation (Keeping It Green) Install base and asphalt (Dunn Company) Install landscaping (Rainey Nursery) and lighting (Bodine Electric).


  • Project was substantially completed by the December 1st deadline.
  • Minimal disruption to hospital.
  • Three-phase project allowed parking to be available to employees on the south side throughout project.
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