Farm & Fleet Parking Lot

South Side Drive, Decatur, Illinois


Existing 23-year-old bituminous pavement had extensive cracking, oxidation and fatigue. The facility is open for business 7 days-a-week with only one entrance and exit. Work needed to be performed while maintaining loading dock availability. Work needed to be completed before 9 a.m. in front of auto service center.


A portion of the existing concrete driveway median was removed and the catch basin inlets were repaired. The existing 4-inch bituminous surface was pulverized and incorporated with the crushed stone base material. The surface was graded, compacted and resurfaced with a 2-inch HMA overlay.

Construction Phasing

  1. Remove concrete median, existing asphalt curbs and repair catch basins.
  2. Pulverize, grade, compact, overlay and stripe East half of parking lot while coordinating with service center to keep it open for business.
  3. Repeat Phase 2 on West half of parking lot.
  4. Install new asphalt curbing, handicap signage and final clean up.


  • Project completed in two work weeks.
  • Entire lot was open on weekends.
  • Store was open for business with minimal disruption during the entire project.
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