Rock City Storage Facility

Valmeyer, Illinois


This very irregular site needed to be accurately cut prior to placement of concrete floors. Work was in a confined space with the need to cut as close as possible to columns to reduce handwork. Useable fill material was needed from the material removed.


Multiple milling machines were used to precut and level the work site. The W-2200 was outfitted with laser level controls to cut the final grade to desired specifications and the W-120, a 48-inch utility mill, was used to cut around rock columns. All milling generated were useable for rock fill material.

Construction Phasing

  1. As grades were established, W-2200 and W- 2000 removed high areas as needed.
  2. W-2200 with laser used to make long cuts to grade.
  3. W-2000 used to make shorter, cross cuts to match final grade.
  4. W-120 clean up around columns and small areas not accessible to large mills.


  • Proper grade established to allow use of laser controlled concrete screed to pour concrete floors.
  • Very limited hand work.
  • Excellent fill material produced for fill materials.
  • Most expeditious means to cut rock and establish grades for project.
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