Private Residence Concrete Lane/Driveway

Decatur, Illinois


This oil and chip and timber-covered lane was on shared private land and served as the driveway entrance to two family homes. The road washed out during spring, summer and fall and was very dangerous in winter due to the curves and slopes leading to the main road.

The work schedule was tight and was performed while both families were on vacation.

One owner added a shed foundation and floor with an apron. The only access to this areas was through land to be repaired and the driveway that we were replacing. Additional concrete work included a new ADA-accessible entrance created at the front door by overlaying the existing porch cap. The original concrete driveway was shattered and uneven.


Schedule work in phases while both families were on vacation. To construct a new private lane using concrete 6/12 curb and gutter (to help with drainage and keep vehicles on lane during winter season) Concrete pavement driving surface finished off with asphalt approach to tie into main road. Three inches of clean white rock used behind curb and gutter to eliminate erosion in landscaping. Construct new concrete driveway with stand alone curb around perimeter to protect landscaping. Elevate front walk to meet up with porch cap overlay to meet ADA access. Construct new concrete foundation in side of existing hillside to house new metal pole building.

Construction Phasing

  1. New Shed
    1. Remove existing wooden shed structure.
    2. Dig and pour new footings for foundation.
    3. Form, pour and pull forms on new foundation walls (back wall is 8 feet tall tapering to a 2 foot retaining wall on front (3 sides).
    4. Install fill and compact in preparation for new shed floor.
    5. Pour and apply smooth finish to shed floor.
    6. Form pour and finish concrete apron on front of shed foundation.
    7. Erect new metal pole building (by others).
    8. Install and run electric to shed from house for lighting and outlets.
    9. Backfill and rough grade from shed out to driveway.
  2. Phase 2—Personal Drive
    1. Disconnect sprinkler heads around perimeter of drive.
    2. Disconnect underground electrical prior to digging, relocate and hook back up.
    3. Remove and haul away existing concrete driveway and front walk, remove bushes to widen driveway.
    4. Dig out spoil to total depth of 12 inches.
    5. Install 6 inches of CA-6 crushed limestone and compact.
    6. Form pour and finish 6-inch thick stand alone curb around perimeter of drive.
    7. Form, pour and finish new 6-inch thick concrete driveway with broom finish.
    8. Relocate sprinkler heads.
  3. Phase 3–Private Shared Lane
    1. Excavate existing oil and chip lane to a depth of 12 inches. (creating pull over area at two locations).
    2. Install 4 inches of CA-6 crushed limestone and compact.
    3. Form, pour and finish new 6/12 concrete curb and gutter.
    4. Install 2 inches of CA-6 crushed limestone, final grade and compact.
    5. Form, pour and finish new 6 inch thick concrete land with broom finish, including two new pour over areas.
    6. Final grade and compact rock in approach area.
    7. Install 3 inches of compacted asphalt in approach area from which concrete stopped at rite away out to main road.
    8. Install 3 inch clean rock along backside on inside of curb and gutter to prevent erosion.
    9. Backfill all other areas with sifted black dirt.


  • Project completed within budget
  • Very little disruption to families
  • Achieved erosion issues by directing water where it needs to go
  • Low maintenance product that will last for years to come
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