Godfrey Residential Subdivision

Village of Godfrey, Illinois


The oil and chip streets in this residential subdivision were more than 30-years old and had poor drainage. Additionally, the streets had a parabolic crown—the center was very high, causing vehicles to drag when accessing driveways. The houses were close together with limited off-street parking. There also was limited access to the neighborhood with only 3 entrances and 3 dead-end streets.

The current base material was insufficient to remove and overlay without using some type of strengthening material.


The existing surface and base were pre-pulverized and excess materials removed with a milling machine. The base material was then strengthened with soil cement full-depth recycling. Proper grade and slope for driveway access and drainage was completed.

Phased construction allowed morning and evening access to homes and a detailed communication plan kept homeowners notified of construction phasing.

Construction Phasing

  1. Pre-pulverize existing roadway, grade and compact.
  2. Remove excess materials with half-lane rotomill.
  3. Process cement recycling in three phases as per plans.
  4. Trim all streets to match existing curbs and establish proper slope.
  5. Overlay entire project with 3 inches of hot-mix asphalt (overlay work performed by Charles Mahoney).


  • Work completed in 15 working days (including overlay).
  • Homeowners given access to driveways each night.
  • 40 percent cost savings over complete removal and replacement.
  • Excellent cross sections established.
  • Proper draining restored.
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