FedEx Distribution Center

Effingham, Illinois


This project was on an expedited schedule with multiple contractors on the job site. The multi-phase project required approximately 100,000 square yards of site preparation work on very unstable soil with excessive moisture content.


Soil was modified and dried by using lime kiln dust. The multi-phase project was planned to accommodate the general contractor and concrete paving crews’ schedules. Pre-job and project planning meetings with all contractors kept the project on schedule.

Construction Phasing

  1. Pre-pulverization for dry down.
  2. Soil processing 6 to 10 thousand square yards per day as site was prepared prior to placement of concrete paving.


  • Dry and stable sub-grade for building construction and paving operations.
  • Project completed on time.
  • Exceeded expectation of general contractor and paving subcontractor for stability and grade control.
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