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Proper maintenance of existing asphalt surfaces is essential in the Midwest's climate, where extreme temperatures, moisture and UV rays accelerate oxidation and start the deterioration process of your paved surfaces. At Dunn Company, we've been meeting these challenges since 1971, with an array of products, services and techniques designed to stand up to even the most demanding requirements.


Crack Filling & Crack Sealing

Dunn Company is an expert in crack filling and crack sealing applications. We have the skills, equipment and resources necessary to properly diagnose any cracking issues and apply the correct solution(s) affordably and efficiently. Doing so prevents water, debris, and vegetation from infiltrating the pavement structure and causing damage.



Sealcoating involves applying a thin coal tar or asphalt emulsion-based surface treatment used to help preserve and improve the look and texture of existing asphalt surfaces. Typically applied on a regular basis (every three to five years, depending on traffic), sealcoating maximizes the life of paved surfaces.


Provided the asphalt is in good condition, a sealer application protects the asphalt from further deterioration, adding years of life to your investment. In addition, a quality sealer greatly improves the overall aesthetics of pavement, reducing the damage from oil and gas spills and increasing overall pavement flexibility.


Dunn Company uses only the highest-quality sealer products, and has the equipment and know-how to make sure you get the finest results available. Whether your needs are residential, commercial, industrial, or recreational, our flexible schedule assures a quality job at your convenience. Post-sealcoating striping services are also available.


For more information about Dunn Company's pavement maintenance applications, call 217-429-4444.


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Based in Decatur, Illinois, Dunn Company provides pavement and base solutions across Central Illinois and throughout the greater Midwest region.
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