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(Ocoya Road) - Livingston County, Illinois



The 8.5 miles of roadway was 20 feet wide and had an aggregate base. It had no safety shoulder and was rutted and rough. The average traffic count was 400 vehicles per day. The project had a limited budget.



Recycle with full-depth reclamation using engineered emulsion, Fortress,™ 8 inches deep.


Construction Phasing

Phase 1: Widen roadway to 24 feet.

Phase 2: Pulverize existing surface and blend with widening aggregate.

Phase 3: Stabilize 8 inches deep with Fortress.

Phase 4: Trim final surface with full-lane rotomill after curing.

Phase 5: Apply A-2 bituminous surface treatment.

Phase 6: Apply center line stripping



  • Project completed within budget.
  • New pavement consists of 8-inch stabilized base course.
  • Project completed in stages with 4 miles done.
  • Proposed 4.5 miles completed after initial project completion.


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