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Piatt County Highway 9 CIR 2013

Piatt County – County Highway 9


Eric Seibring – County Engineer


Cold-In Place Recycling – (2013)

  • 4-inch Depth
  • Engineered Emulsion
  • 3-inch HMA Surface Treatment

Road Condition

  • Road deterioration due to grain elevator in close proximity
  • Large farm equipment and semi traffic
  • Longitudinal cracking
  • Reflective cracking
  • Rough ride  




One lane of the CIR treatment is being applied in this photo, but the rollers have yet to begin compaction, There seems to be a very impatiant farmer waiting to get by the water tanker.



Prior to compaction, the CIR process creates a lift of the material with air voids. The 3 rollers will remove this lift, creating a smooth, flexible pavement ready for a surface treatment.



The CIR 3800 rear loader features a conveyor that loads directly in to the paver hopper. This eliminates the use of the wind row pick up. (Piatt County has very nice, great big ditches.)



Prior to compaction, you can see the gradation and the even coating of the emulsion. (You can also see my footprints. Oops!) The material coming directly out of the paver is safe for walking on.



This is the view of the first roller prior to compaction on the paved, recycled material.



This is the same road nine months later after a very brutal winter and a productive harvest. This is a low-volume road, but during harvest/planting seasons this road is used by very heavy farm equipment and numerous semis for grain transportation (notice the elevator in the background).



The road weathered the winter and fall harvest well. The blotchiness in the road seen above is due to a rain shower that occurred the morning of the photo. I will be continually updating past projects every year in order to portray the graceful aging of a cold in-place recycled road.



If the county needs additional money, I would recommend sitting a County Sherrif’s Deputy on this road, because the Piatt County Engineer has created a runway for three miles. It is a very smooth, fast, and quiet ride. Job well done, Eric!

Henry County Highway 19 CIR 2014

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